how people say i love you without saying i love you 

This series attempts to bring to light the habitual phrases we say to one another through out our days - phrases which hold the subtle, underlying message of I love you. 

each painting incorporates a unique phrase, written in morse code using brass shavings. 

acrylic and brass on canvas // 42" x 42" 


row 1: Smoooooch ,  You mean a lot to me

row 2: Do you want a bulletproof coffee? ,  I will meet you there

Row 3: Good Morning Good night,  I see your stressed How can I help?

Row 4: Yo baby girl what you doin tonight? ,  Yo baby girl I'm free what you got in mind?

Row 5: Oh Doris , Text me when you get home

Row 6: Hello my brother my friend

price: $350 - $575